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Originally Posted by opus
I can make all that fit Mark Royer, One Day at a Time. If that's right, I now hate you, because it means you've been laughing at me the whole time.

Yep!!! Good old Mark Royer!!!

1- He looks pretty tall. He's taller than everyone else in the cast when they show them standing together!
2- Played the piano in "Sonny Boy "! Maybe another ep too?
3-Who else has a friend that has a still in the basement that blew up and condemned a building A female friend that wears a towel 24/7 and two very nerdy practical joker friends in "Send in the clowns" !
4- Pretty wife ,well we all know who she is!!!

I'm not laughing at you, I figured you would get it on the golf clue ! If you still didn't ,THAN I would laugh at you!!!
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