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Well now I know what time the show comes on because I watched it last night. It comes on at 9 on Sundays. I saw Khloe get into a argument with her mom because Khloe said if she had her way, she would still be married to Lamar Odom. I think Khloe is upset with her about Lamar because she felt that her mom was getting in her business about the problems she was having in her marriage. Her mom probably told her she needs to divorce him and she can't be mad at her mom about that because her mom loves her and she's worried about her. Her mom wants Khloe to be with a man who's gonna treat her right and love her. That's what moms want for their daughters who are in relationships with men. Lamar had some issues and Khloe didn't need to be with him. I'm sure Khloe tried to make the marriage work but Lamar didn't wanna change which is obvious and that's why they divorced. I'm gonna see how long she stays with French Montana.

The episode I saw yesterday, Khloe had a birthday party on a boat and French was the one who gave her a surprise birthday party. He also bought her a jeep for a birthday gift. She's 30 years old. I also saw Kim on a couple of episodes I watched yesterday and her and Khloe wanted to surprise Kourtney by getting her a psychiatrist to talk to about her problems she's having with her boyfriend Scott. It looks like Kourtney didn't approve of what they did but she agreed to talk to the psychiatrist who was a white woman. I fell asleep on the new episode because the commercial I saw for the new episode showed Kim looking for a apartment in New York with her mom and it look like they got into a argument. Kim is so hot and I want her. Her body is so sexy and she got a big booty and nice breasts. I wish I could take her from Kanye because he's a jerk LOL. She needs to be with a good man like me and I don't see their marriage lasting for a long time. I also wanna take Khloe from French LOL.

I see Kim and her white male friend got into a argument yesterday on a old episode because he came to visit her and she was asking him who was he texting on his phone. He got mad at her and threw his phone at her and said you can check it yourself LOL. She called him a as*hole when he walked out the door.
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