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LOL@what you said about French Montana hahahahahahahahahaha. I haven't heard him talk that much but I know his music sucks LOL. This generation of rappers are so terrible. I really miss the 80's and 90's rappers. Kourtney and Scott aren't married and they got 2 kids? They got a 3rd kid on the way? They rarely sleep together? What kind of relationship is that? Hahahahahahahahahaha. If she's using him just to have kids, she's stupid. Khloe and Lamar Odom did make a nice couple. I was disappointed he used drugs because I didn't think he was the type to do that. I was also disappointed that he cheated on her with another woman.

I laugh sometimes at people especially women dissing Kim Kardashian talking about the reason why she got famous is because she did a sex tape with r&b singer Ray J. She would've been famous if that sex tape never came out because she's a beautiful woman. She has a clothes line and a perfume line. So even if she never became a actress or a singer, she would've been famous because she could've became a model. It's funny to me to see women diss each other because women get jealous when beautiful women have a lot of men after them and that's the case with Kim. A lot of men want Kim and women don't like that. There's gonna come a day when Kim and her sisters won't be famous anymore but they'll still be beautiful and i'll always love them.
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