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Originally Posted by isiahthomas
Alright thanks. I get Kendall and Kylie mixed up because they kinda look alike. I don't know if Khloe and French broke up. The episode I saw of Khloe and Kourtney's reality show showed Khloe at French's music video watching behind the scenes. She was mad that Kourtney's husband didn't show up because he was supposed to come and French had pushed back his music video shoot just so he could come. Kourtney's husband seems like a as*hole and she needs to leave him. If Khloe did break up with French, I wanna get her LOL. She is hot but Kim is hotter.
Scott and Kourtney aren't married! He is just her boyfriend, but they have been together forever! She won't marry him though. They already have two kids together and one on the way. Her 3rd baby is due right around now. I have been watching the Kardashians pretty much since it started. Kourtney and Scott have gone round and round with fighting, mainly over him being immature and drinking heavy. He gets falling down drunk, he's pretty much an alcoholic and he likes to go out and party socially all the time and Kourtney is a homebody with the kids. But than he gets upset that she won't marry him and believe it or not they rarely sleep together! She pretty much just wants him to sire her children!! For real!!! The kids are adorable! I'm glad they are part of the show. Kim doesn't show off her daughter North on the Kardashian programs barely at all. I wish she would. I don't think Kanye wants the baby in the media too much though! Anyway I think a lot of Scott and Kourtney drama is played out for entertainment purposes. Scott is an a**hole yes, but he is really funny and entertaining in the show!

Khloe is really pretty. I think she gets more pretty as she gets older! I liked Lamar, I thought they made a good couple. I was sad when he wasn't a Laker anymore, and found out he was into drugs and him and Khloe split! She said to her mother a couple eps ago, how if she had her way, she would still be married to Lamar! It's sad, I too wish they were back together! French is handsome and he seems OK, but he doesn't talk much or seem very bright! LOL!
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