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I cannot blame the husband at all for not taking a polygraph in this case. Putting aside all of the general issues regarding polygraph tests (and as we know, there are many), would you really want to take one when the Sheriff says, "Statistically, he did it"? Yes, the Sheriff clarified this point immediately afterward, but you could tell just from the segment that the investigators seemed to be focusing very heavily on the husband. Posts on this forum further suggest that this could very well have been a case of tunnel vision.

His alibi seems quite solid: all of the time spent with friends; the phone call he made at around the time when his truck was supposedly sighted. The bruise and the poetry are very weak circumstantial evidence, and in fact could be evidence of nothing at all. A quick comment about the bruise scenario: from the segment, I gather that it's not like the brother-in-law and sister had always thought of the husband as a wife-beater; rather, after they read his poetry, they thought, "Well, there was that one time we saw her with a bruise ... I guess we should let the police know." She had an explanation that seems plausible, and if it is true, that could be the reason why she seemed a bit uncomfortable speaking about it (essentially discussing her sex life with her brother-in-law and sister over dinner).
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