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I haven't read all ten pages of this thread yet, so I apologize if this has been mentioned. But didn't someone on here mention there had been a party that night? I didn't hear that in the UM segment or on the Charley website. Was this in an article or something? If it was indeed the case there was a party at the house that night, that raises more possibilities. Like, maybe after the party had ended some drunk dude tried to get back in, not caring who answered. And she knew him and went with him and something happened? Or he just decided to grab her on the spur of the moment.

As has been stated, the abduction scenario provided doesn't make much sense unless the person wasn't that concerned who would open the door (maybe he was a family member or friend and it wouldn't be that big a deal if one of the parents answered.) Or he somehow knew through pre-arrangement it would be one of the girls. Like he somehow arranged to meet Anthonette as someone suggested. But I think the former is more likely. He didn't have anything to fear if he got the wrong person at the door. Perhaps the abduction wasn't planned at all and he just grabbed her (or she came with him and the sister isn't remembering correctly).

I know that might seem far fetched but it seems really unlikely someone would just plan an abduction like that without knowing for sure who would answer at 3 am. Unless they had somehow pre-arranged to meet her.

Or providing there was a party, something different happened. Maybe there were lots of people in the house, drunk hangers on afterwards, etc. I think the party scenario makes the knock at the door at 3 am more plausible. If the poster was correct and there was a party.
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