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Default Lucy's Best Special

I agree that Lucy Calls the President is the best of her TV specials. I find it very great how the cast works together and all get great moments to shine. I hope Mr. and Mrs. (The VCR ate my copy which also had Happy Anniversary and Goodbye.), Lucy in London and Lucy Comes to Nashville will be released because they are not by MPI. I love country music and never saw Lucy in Nashville (Wasn't it produced by Lucille Ball Productions? Probably too many royalities drive up cost on this release but its cross appeal should sell it. I don't think this was a planned CBS special because Lucy Calls the President was supposed to be the last. Why did CBS get sick of Lucy and let her leave to NBC and later ABC. What a dumb mistake, though Stone Pillow aired on CBS.) I have Lucy in London. I like most of ti but the dumb wax museum and especially dumb Shakespeare scenes. I found Mr. and Mrs. good but choppy and I love Happy Anniversary and Goodbye. (This was so modern and I love how Lucy mixed comedy with drama though the critics (Who after the Lucy Show I don't think generally gave her raves.) didn't.) I went on Google newspaper and got from their the ratings for some of Lucy's specials and Lucy Calls the President was #12. (Three for Two was #8, Catherine Curits #16, CBS Salutes Lucy #2, Stone Pillow #9, the rest ?) So, us, her fans and the public, still loved Lucy in 1977, which was in the middle of a 1950s nostaglia craze.
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