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Originally Posted by Pavan
See our review for Lucy Calls the President by Skees53:
Excellent, excellent review! I have this preordered and can't wait to see it, though I'm holding off until the week after it arrives because that is my birthday and I want to watch it then. Great to hear the quality is excellent, no more of the old, faded, generational-loss dubs of this special.

One question that I have is about the comment about the show being on tape. I believe Lucy's final series, Life With Lucy, was also shot on videotape or was it filmed? Just curious for my own knowledge.

I agree with Skees53, "Lucy Calls The President" is probably the best of Lucy's post-series specials. Though "Happy Anniversary and Goodbye" is also very enjoyable. These two, along with her 1964 "Mr. and Mrs." special are some of my favorite non-series work that Lucille Ball ever did.

Here's wishin' April 6 would hurry up and get here!!!
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