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Originally posted by CameraQueen
Yeah...Joanie and Chachi are on the Springer stage because she has something to tell him...

"Chachi...I'm pregnant with your cousin's baby..."

Fonzie comes out and Chachi goes berserk, throwing chairs and stuff, until Steve, the big bald bodyguard, steps in.

After the ruckus subsides, Jerry announces there's a surprise guest waiting backstage. It's Potsie Webber! He comes out, declaring his love for Joanie, and he, Chachi, and Fonz get in a threeway battle.

But alas, Joanie has decided that she doesn't want to be with any of them. For you see, she's been cheating on Chachi, Fonzie, AND Potsie...with Jenny Piccolo!

*CQ runs and hides her head in shame*
that was brilliant!
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