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Originally Posted by annball1957
^ It was in the $5 rack up near the front of the store in our Walmart. I've watched almost all of the first disc, and I still don't remember ever seeing this show before. The actors are very dramatic on the episodes and it was cool seeing Mike Conners (Mannix) as an italian trapeze artist and Pernell Roberts as a french soldier. Wow!
Yep....I had to search through about a zillion DVD's from the $5 table before finally locating one. I was 10 years old in '59 when "One Step Beyond" aired and probably didn't get into it as much as I did watching the "Twilight Zone," but I do recall some of these episodes that I have been watching. Not a bad show at all IMO! Speaking of the year, 1959.....I just watched "House on Haunted Hill' {the original from '59 starring Vincent Price** on the Chiller Channel earlier this week. Not as frightening, now of course, as it was then because I'm eons older and I know what to expect, but at the time, it scared the daylights out of me. My Mom and Dad had to practically hold me down in my seat to keep me from bolting out of the theatre on several occasions. That's when I first heard the phrase, "it's ONLY a movie!" Back in those days, a movie theatre was just what it was supposed to be.....a huge structure with a vast spacious balcony seating area with every seat throughout the theatre filled to capacity and our city had about a dozen or so at one time. When horror movies were showing, I remember employees would dress up as "scary" characters and prowl around up and down the stairways to attempt to leap out and scare the audience during the tense moments of the movie. Those were the days! Now all we have are narrow ear-bursting cookie-cutter "rooms" to call "theatres!" Oh, to be "shined" in the face from a flashlight by an usher, again! LOL! off the subject of "One Step Beyond" there.
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