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Exclamation Last Night!! (be prepared, it's long!)

As some of you know I went to see Play last night... Here is my story if any of you peeps wanna read it!

We left the house at around 5:30pm to pick up my cousin. It took less than an hour to get to the place. But it was still only around 6:45pm, so we decided to get pizza. After we got settled a bit, we see these two girls....they looked like they were obsessed wit Chris from Dreamstreet! Anyway...we leave the pizza place around 7:10pm- Westbury Music Fair was right next door! I was so excited, I was hoping to see their tourbus or something, but that didn't happen.... I took the sign me and my cousin made and we started to walk towards the place. We got in @ about 7:15, the doors opened. We waited on line to get some stuff, we both got a Play shirt and a poster!! *which may I add is hanging on my wall...* Me and my cuz took a peak inside the center and she went MAD! She was like having a pre-heart attack because we were SO DAYUM CLOSE! The place is real small to begin with so...!!! After we got out stuff, we went inside and OH MY GOSH WE WERE FREAKING OUT! There was two acts- the first act included~

Back2Back *4 songs*
Baha Men <--they were awesome too *6 songs*

Then the lights went on and I was like what the heck it's over?! And then the person came on the loudspeaker and said..there will be a 20 minute intermission...Soo we watched the guys clear the stage of any musical instrument (keyboard, guitars, drums, etc) and then I saw 4 waterbottles on the stage so I'm shakin my cousin and yellin, "THERE ARE 4 WATERBOTTLES ON THE STAGE! PLAY MUST BE NEXT!" So we start to freak out again. And then they say, please clear middle aisle (b/c that's where they came out from) and get in your seats. And then the place went dark and the guy said, "Columbia Records new recording artists, 4 girls, PLAY!!!" AND OMG WE WENT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sang us against the world, cinderella, m.a.s.t.e.r pt2, and im gonna make you love me. YES, they SANG! Not lip synced!!!!!! It was soooooooooo dang awesome!!!! I was singing my lungs out along with them! hehe And Anna smiled at me like twice!!!!!! And Rosie looked at me!!!!!!!! That was so freakin' awesome and OMG when I meet them Saturday!!!! We'll die. LOL
And so the second act was~
Play *4 songs*
LMNT *3 songs*
A*Teens *6 or 7 songs*

A*Teens was pretty cool, my cousin LITERALLY fell out of her seat because Sara waved and smiled at her like 9389347465797 times, and I saw her too! And at the end Sara waved at me cuz I was wavin' like a maniac hehe. And so, there concludes, "A Night We Saw Play".

Tune in Sunday for the next episode, "A Day With Play".
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