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Originally Posted by TVResearcher
Well the Shows that ran much longer I have on Retail DVD's. I like to trade for shows you can't buy from or Best buy so the hobby can always be interesting and never get boring. I love the challenge of finding a show that was only on the air for 7 weeks because it makes trading more fun. I don't really worry about how big I can make my collection, my main focus is finding those obscure shows that I don;t see on anyone's list.
I can understand what you're saying. You're trying to get obsecure shows from the 70's and 80's manly that you can't find anywhere else. Why would anyone want to trade for a whole set when the show's out in the stores already on DVD? If I was trading I'd probably keep it small too. All people are different . Some have Big collections and some small ones. Plus when they're small it's easier to be able to watch them to make sure their isn't a defect on it.
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