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Originally Posted by lilhave
Problem is, this is basically not a sports trading board but a tv show board and if you look at your requests, most go unheeded. As Lorn said, expand your interests but with no ability to duplicate a disk, your options are limited.
You are relegated to one disk, one tape, 2 or 3 episodes at a time.

Since your interests lie in the 1970-1980 range are you saying you dislike all series that ran for 2 or 3 years or more? I feelit's that as you have no ability to duplicate them. To narrow yourself down to only series that were short lived, for in most cases ratings were poor, will insure you of not doing much trading.

No reason to bring up sports as it's a different game. One NBA game, one baseball game or one football game can be placed on a tape and if you want to store millions of tapes, that's your business but tv shows that run for years vs a sporting event which is 3 hours and over is not a fair comparison.


Well the Shows that ran much longer I have on Retail DVD's. I like to trade for shows you can't buy from or Best buy so the hobby can always be interesting and never get boring. I love the challenge of finding a show that was only on the air for 7 weeks because it makes trading more fun. I don't really worry about how big I can make my collection, my main focus is finding those obscure shows that I don;t see on anyone's list.
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