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Originally Posted by TVResearcher
But what about when I want as many eps as possible of Out of the Blue from 1979 and there are only 2 out there? And then I want as many eps as possible of Lewis and Clark and there are only 4 out there? How could i complete the series if the eps are not out there?
thats quite simple

adjust your wants to something else, its much more fun to get things in the mailbox, rather that cry about not haveing things

enjoy the items you get, and just maybe soe day that other crap will show up

seriously, theres nothing better than going to the mail box and getting a trade lot of 250 discs from a long time reliable and honest trader of which you have a long term relationship with, or even 30 , 40 , 50 disc package as well

its like being 6 years old and its xmas
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