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Originally Posted by lilhave
Sure do, if you understand what I'm saying. The wide, wide, wide, majority look for MORE THEN ONE DISC TRADES, trying have as complete a series as possible. A trader if he likes a particular show would like to have as much of that series as possible. Of course it's easier to trade or sell when a series is complete. One episode is needed just to complete a series.

Of course with no burner or duplicator your not equipped to do more then one or two tapes at a time. Maybe the time will come and you will like others want to have a complete run, till then do it one episode, on tape at a time.

I'm sure you have seen folks lists where completness is the vougue? Who knows, maybe when you purchase some equipment you will want to expand, till then, good luck in your quest for the one episode,WOC, and of course the promo included.


But what about when I want as many eps as possible of Out of the Blue from 1979 and there are only 2 out there? And then I want as many eps as possible of Lewis and Clark and there are only 4 out there? How could i complete the series if the eps are not out there?
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