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Originally Posted by savageamusement
I am skeptical of where this might lead- so let me just say- tread carefully

And Tvresearcher, understand that there have been many a thread- where your conversations and discussions were for some reason hijacked with others speaking for you.

With 30,000 + posts I can assume you can communicate should you feel the stress or pressure of the other members-
So if there is any uneasiness in future posts, May I assume you will take up any problems with me directly?
Otherwise read some previous posts lately- and please don't open up any discussions that might incline them to do so for you. I have had quite enough of that.

If you open up, or engage in a heated argument I full expect you to either speak up when it becomes too much, in your own behalf.
Or leave the conversation for the others behalf.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I think I have learned not to take Harvey seriously. I will admit if u don't know his style it's easy to get upset but knowing how he is I enjoy going back and forth with getting UPSET
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