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Though I agree that the first 2 seasons were the best, I still find great value in the later 3. The first 2 were just so damn funny and original that it was impossible to keep up such a pase.

Yes, D&G was fluffy, but it had substance when it needed to. Some of the more dramatic scenes between Dharma and Gread were just so wonderfully written and performed that that 'made up' for the fact that the show was fluffy the rest of the time.

Plus, I want fluff. I'm tired of laughing AT people - which is what almost all other sit coms have you doing, I want to laugh with them.

Why is Everybody loves Ray so funny? Cause he always complains about his stupid brother and parents. Cause he does somthing stupid and his wife yells at him. We are always laughing at their missery, at their constant complaining. Where does Fraiser get most of its laughs? When he he gets all pissed off and becomes a pompous ass. We laugh at the misfortunes of others with all these other shows, more than anything else.

I'm tired of that.

ALso, have you noticed how no one laughs in sit coms? They do all this silly stuff, they tell jokes and such, yet none of the characters laugh, its only the audience who laughs. One of the things I absolutley adore about D&G is that they all laughed! The characters did stupid stuff, they told jokes, and they laughed at themselves, the audience laughing WITH them, not AT them. We need more of that.
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