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Default Starting to skew off topic

or more commonly known as
"holding on by a thread"

Since this thread started with voting for D&G on DVD
which I had done long before I started posting reularly on this web site....

I thought I'd include some other shows I had also voted on & was wondering what shows you gus voted on as well???

My List (& still it grows)

Mad About You
The Nanny
Dharma & Greg
Two guys & A Girl
Will & Grace
Fat Albert
Golden Girls
Gummi Bears

all I currently own is 1st season of M.A.Y. (I'm hoping someone will get me season 2 for my bday so I am holdin out)
1 of the best of Friends dvds.

Eventually I will be catching up with all the dvds which are out & I haven't collected yet but I was saving for a vacation this summer.
Woo Hoo!!! Dang priorities are all screwed up I know.
"Who did you ignore before you met me?"
-Jamie, "The Alan Brady Show" Mad About You

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