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Chicago Sat, Feb 21, 1976
from TV Guide-Chicago Metro edition

6:00 Sunrise Semester "Presidential Power and American Democracy"
6:30 It's Worth Knowing
7:00 Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm
7:30 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner
8:30 Scooby-Doo
9:00 Shazam!/Isis
10:00 Far Out Space Nuts
10:30 Ghost Busters
11:00 Valley of the Dinosaurs
11:30 Fat Albert
noon CBS Children's Film Festival "Pero and His Companions" (Yugoslavia)
1:00 Different Drummers "A Sudden Conquest" (pt 1)
1:30 Opportunity Line
2:00 Soul Train (guests the Commodores, and George McCrae)
3:00 Call It Macaroni "Sail on the Wind's Time" (Massachusetts teens serve as apprentices aboard a replica of a 19th-century schooner)
3:30 Challenge of the Sexes (Laura Baugh v Doug Sanders; Keena Rothhammer v Don Schollander)
4:00 CBS Sports Spectacular (MLB players try their hand at softball with $30,000 at stake)
5:00 Channel 2: The People (guests Masters & Johnson)
5:30 CBS Evening News
6:00 News
6:30 Wild, Wild World of Animals (life in a bee colony)
7:00 Jeffersons
7:30 Doc
8:00 Mary Tyler Moore
8:30 Bob Newhart
9:00 Carol Burnett (guests Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall)
10:00 News
10:30 Movie "5 Card Stud"
12:40 Movie "Phone Call from a Stranger" (bw)
2:40 Movie "Pickup on South Street" (bw)

7:00 Emergency Plus 4
7:30 Josie & the Pussycats
8:00 Waldo Kitty
8:30 Pink Panther
9:00 Land of the Lost
9:30 Run, Joe, Run
10:00 Return to the Planet of the Apes
10:30 Westwind
11:00 Jetsons
11:30 Go-USA "The Deed of Jose Diaz"
noon Ecos Latinos
12:30 City Desk
1:00 College Basketball: Purdue-Michigan, followed by Marquette-Louisville at 3
5:00 Kukla, Fran & Ollie
5:30 NBC Nightly News
6:00 Sorting It Out
6:30 Don Adams Screen Test
7:00 Emergency!
8:00 Movie "Dirty Harry"
10:00 News
10:30 Saturday Night (listings say music by Labelle; online episode guides have Desi Arnaz hosting, with music by him and Desi Jr.)
mid. Tilmon Tempo
1:00 Movie "Dragonwyck" (bw)

7:00 Hong Kong Phooey
7:30 Tom & Jerry/Great Grape Ape
8:30 Adventures of Gilligan (new time)
9:00 Superfriends (return)
10:00 Speed Buggy
10:30 Oddball Couple
11:00 Lost Saucer (new time)
11:30 American Bandstand (guests Soul Train Gang, and Gary Wright)
12:30 Eyewitness Forum (guest Mike Howlett, who was running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination)
1:00 Feminine Franchise (guest Dr. Sheldon Cherry)
1:30 Black on Black
2:00 Pro Bowling: AMF Pro Classic
3:30 ABC Wide World of Sports (Winternationals Drag Racing Championships/Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan perform in Portland OR)
5:00 Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open golf
6:00 Eyewitness Chicago (discussing smoking)
6:30 Let's Make a Deal
7:00 Almost Anything Goes (Alabama Championship with teams from Brewton, Andalusia, and Opp)
8:00 SWAT
9:00 Bert D'Angelo (premiere)
10:00 News
10:15 ABC News
10:30 Movie "The Anderson Tapes"
12:35 Movie "Madigan"

WGN 9-Ind
6:45 News
7:00 US Farm Report
7:30 H.R. Pufnstuf
8:00 Friends of Man (mascots)
8:30 Lost in Space
9:30 Jetsons
10:00 Movie "Judge Hardy and Son" (bw)
11:45 Your Income Tax
noon Charlando
12:30 Sportsman's Friend
1:00 Movie "In Fast Company" (bw)
2:30 Champions
3:30 Outdoors with Julius Boros
4:00 Movie "Abbott and Costello in the Navy" (bw)
5:30 National Geographic (a 30' ketch sails 2000 miles across Europe)
6:30 Illinois State Lottery
7:00 Hee Haw (guests Faron Young, Crystal Gayle and Pittsburgh DJ Larry Clark)
8:00 Sammy & Company (guests Petula Clark, George Kirby, Janet Leigh, and Adam Wade)
9:30 Love, American Style
10:00 News
10:30 Movie "North to Alaska"
12:50 News
1:10 Movie "Against All Flags"

7:00 Sesame Street
8:00 Electric Company
8:30 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
9:00 Sesame Street
10:00 Electric Company
10:30 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
11:00 Sesame Street
noon GED-TV
1:00 Consumer Survival Kit
1:30 Adams Chronicles "John Adams-Minister to England" (pt 4)
2:30 Menuhin Tribute to Willa Cather (Yehudi, Hephzibah, and Yaltah Menuhin pay tribute to the novelist, whom they knew from 1930 until her death in 1947)
4:30 Behind the Lines (return, guest David Halberstam)
5:00 Play Bridge with the Experts
5:30 Firing Line (narrowing the educational gap between children of different socioeconomic groups)
6:30 Book Beat
7:00 Marilyn Maye on Stage (from Adventureland in Des Moines)
8:00 Monster Concert (featuring 10 grand pianos and 20 pianists)
8:30 Mark Russell
9:00 Evening at Symphony
10:00 Six Wives of Henry VIII
11:30 David Susskind

WCIU 26-Ind/Ethnic/Business News
9:00 Chesperito
10:00 Wrestling
11:00 Best of Soul Train
11:30 Disco Step by Step
noon El Show Jibaro
1:00 Una Cita con Palomo
2:00 Competencia en Patines
3:00 Lou Farina
3:30 Soul Train
4:00 Talent Show
5:00 Country Lanes
6:00 Polka Party
6:30 Polish Variety Hour
7:30 Rock of Ages
9:00 New Life in Christ
10:00 Movie: TBA (bw)

WFLD 32-Ind
9:00 Movie "Escapade in Japan"
10:30 Movie "Finger of Guilt" (bw)
noon Movie "That Gang of Mine" (bw)
1:30 Movie "Cry of the Bewitched"
3:00 Movie "The Big Land"
4:30 Petticoat Junction
5:00 Beverly Hillbillies
5:30 Lucy Show
6:00 Brady Bunch
6:30 Adam-12
7:00 NHL: Chicago-Pittsburgh
9:30 Adam-12
10:00 Honeymooners (bw)
10:30 Lou Gordon (guest host Kreskin shows off his skills)

WSNS 44-Ind
7:00 TV College
10:00 Life in the Spirit
10:30 The Rock
11:00 The Lesson
11:30 TV College
1:30 Invisible Man (bw)
2:00 Secret Agent (bw)
3:00 College Basketball: Minnesota-Indiana
5:00 High Chaparral
6:00 I Spy
7:00 Big Valley
8:00 Movie "Kanal" (bw)
10:00 Bob Luce Wrestling
11:00 Pelicula "La joyas del diablo"
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