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Western Australia Thurs, Feb 8, 2007
from TV Week-Western Australia edition

7 TVW7 Perth (Seven)
9 STW9 Perth (Nine)
10 NEW10 Perth (Ten)
GWN GWN (regional Seven)
WIN WIN (regional Nine/Ten)

6.00 SBS Hong Kong News
ABC Amazing Adrenalini Brothers (G)
7-GWN Sunrise
9-WIN Today
10 Early News
6.05 ABC Avatar: The Last Airbender (G)
6.20 SBS Chinese News
6.30 ABC Bernard (G)
6.35 ABC Atomic Betty (G)
6.50 SBS Filipino News
7.00 ABC Gnoufs (G)
10 Toasted TV (G)
7.10 ABC Wild Thornberrys (G)
7.25 SBS Italian News
7.35 ABC Jakers! Adventures of Piggley Winks (G)
8.00 SBS German News
ABC ToddWorld (G)
8.10 ABC Fireman Sam (G)
8.20 ABC Boo! (G)
8.30 SBS Spanish News
10 Puzzle Play (P)
8.35 ABC Sesame Street (G)
9.00 ABC Bob the Builder (G)
7-GWN Playhouse Disney (P)
9-WIN Hi-5 (P)
10 9am with David & Kim (PG)
9.10 ABC Wiggles (G)
9.20 SBS French News
ABC Pocoyo (G)
9.30 ABC Play School (G)
7 Sons & Daughters (G)
9-WIN Oliver Beene (PG)
GWN Home Shopping (G)
9.55 SBS Russian News
10.00 ABC Postman Pat Specials (G)
7 Crumbs (PG)
9-WIN Joan of Arcadia (PG)
10.25 ABC Play with Me Sesame (G)
10.30 SBS Greek News
7-GWN News
10.50 ABC Five Minutes More (G)
10.55 ABC Boohbah (G)
11.00 7 Fashion House (PG)
9-10-WIN News
GWN Sons & Daughters (G)
11.15 ABC Global Grover (G)
11.20 ABC Poko (G)
11.30 SBS Arabic News
9 Postcards WA (G)
GWN Crumbs (PG)
WIN Guthy-Renker Australia (PG)
11.45 ABC It's a Big Big World (G)

noon ABC Midday Report
7-GWN Movie "The Beach" (M)
9-WIN Dr. Phil (PG)
10 Summerland (PG)
12.05 SBS Indonesian News
12.30 SBS Nightly Business Report
ABC Rumpole of the Bailey (G)
1.00 SBS Champions of Olympia: The Final (G)
9-WIN Days of Our Lives (PG)
10 Oprah Winfrey (PG)
1.30 ABC Occasional Cook (G/finale)
2.00 ABC Parliament Question Time
9-WIN Young & the Restless (PG; Nine would drop Y&R on February 23rd after over 30 years on the network, with the show moving to satellite channel W on April 2nd)
10 Ready Steady Cook (G)
2.35 7-GWN My Wife & Kids (G)
3.00 SBS The Last Pecheniuk (PG)
ABC Bananas in Pyjamas (G)
7-GWN Three Wishes (G)
9-WIN Entertainment Tonight
10 Judge Judy (G)
3.05 ABC Bob the Builder (G)
3.15 ABC Postman Pat (G)
3.30 SBS School Torque (G)
ABC Play School (G)
9 Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (G)
10 Huey's Cooking Adventures (G)
WIN Malcolm in the Middle (PG/finale)
4.00 SBS Food Lovers' Guide to Australia (G)
ABC Five Minutes More (G)
7-GWN It's Academic (C)
9-WIN The Shak (C)
10 Totally Wild (C)
4.05 ABC Curious George (G)
4.30 SBS The Journal
ABC The Worst Witch (G)
7-9-GWN News
10 Bold & the Beautiful (G)
WIN Neighbours (G)
5.00 SBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
ABC Angela Anaconda (G)
7 M*A*S*H (G)
9 Antiques Roadshow (G)
10-WIN News
GWN Deal or No Deal (G)
5.20 ABC Corneil & Bernie (G)
5.30 7 Deal or No Deal (G)
9 Bert's Family Feud (G)
GWN News
5.35 ABC Parallax (G)
5.59 7 Cash 3 Draw

6.00 ABC Global Village (G)
ABC National Trust, National Treasures (G)
7-9-GWN-WIN News (GWN relayed news from 7)
10 Simpsons (G)
6.30 SBS World News Australia
7-GWN Today Tonight
9-WIN A Current Affair
10 Neighbours (G)
7.00 ABC News
7-GWN Home & Away (G)
9-WIN Temptation (G)
10 Biggest Loser
7.28 9 Newsbreak
7.30 SBS Don Matteo (PG)
ABC 7.30 Report
7-GWN How I Met Your Mother (PG/return)
9-WIN Getaway (PG)
10 Jamie at Home (G)
8.00 ABC Psychic Investigators (PG/finale)
7-GWN My Name is Earl (PG/return)
8.28 9 Newsbreak
8.30 SBS Storyline Australia (M)
ABC Life & Times of El Nino (G)
9 Missing Persons Unit (PG/return)
10 Law & Order: SVU (M)
WIN Medium (M)
8.40 7-GWN My Name is Earl (PG)
9.10 7-GWN Lost (M/return)
9.25 ABC Italian Fascism in Colour (PG)
9.30 SBS World News Australia
10 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (M)
10.00 SBS Sick Tricks (MA 15+)
10.10 7-GWN Beauty & the Geek (PG/finale)
10.20 ABC Lateline
10.30 SBS Movie "A Better Tomorrow II" (MA 15+, Hong Kong)
9 Amazing Medical Stories (M)
10 News
WIN The OC (M)
10.55 ABC Lateline Business
11.15 10 Live at the Chapel (G)
11.25 ABC Live at the Basement (G)
11.30 9 Nightline
WIN News

Late Night
midnight 7-GWN Alias (M)
9 Movie "Spring and Port Wine" (PG)
WIN Late Show with David Letterman (PG)
12.20 SBS Movie "Jalla! Jalla!" (MA15+, Sweden)
ABC Parliament Question Time
1.00 7 Hang Time (G)
GWN News
WIN The Wire (MA 15+)
1.20 ABC Movie "At Sword's Point" (PG)
1.30 7 One World (G)
GWN Home Shopping (G)
2.00 SBS WeatherWatch Overnight
7 Passions (PG)
9 Gideon's Way (PG)
GWN Expo (G)
2.05 WIN DaVinci's Inquest (M)
2.15 10 Video Hits Up-Late (G)
2.30 10 Kenneth Copeland (PG)
2.55 ABC Cosmos 2006 (G)
3.00 7-9 Guthy-Renker Australia (PG)
10 Life Today with James Robison (PG)
WIN Division 4 (M/bw)
3.25 ABC World Junior Nine Ball Pool: semi-final
3.30 10 This is Your Day with Benny Hinn (PG)
4.00 7 NBC Today (G)
9 Creflo A. Dollar (G)
10 CBS Early Show (CBS purchased Ten in November 2017)
WIN Entertainment Tonight
4.30 ABC Parkinson (G)
9-WIN Good Morning America
5.00 GWN Creflo A. Dollar (G)
5.25 SBS Japanese News
5.30 ABC Pet Show (G)
GWN Home Shopping (G)
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