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Newfoundland Mon, Feb 7, 1977
from Newfoundland Herald

NBC (CTV) (NBC stands for Newfoundland Broadcasting Company; network would rebrand as NTV later in the decade when the American NBC network began airing on cable)
5:00 Another World Highlights cont'd
5:40 CTV National News
6:00 University of the Air "English in Action"
6:30 Pots & Pans
7:00 Uncle Bobby
7:30 Spider-Man
8:00 CTV National News
8:15 NBC News
8:20 Huckleberry Hound
8:30 Canada AM
10:30 Romper Room
11:00 Kareen's Yoga
11:30 First Impressions
noon Definition
12:30 Ricochet Rabbit/Quick Draw McGraw
1:00 Phil Silvers
1:30 South Coast Theatre "Man on a String" (NTV's afternoon movie was called by different titles each day, named after different regions of the province...other titles were Bonavista-Trinity Playhouse (Tues), West Coast Theatre (Wed), Central Newfoundland Playhouse (Thurs), and East Coast Theatre (Fri)))
2:55 Take Kerr
3:00 Joyce Davidson
3:30 Alan Hamel (guests Pat Morita, Shay Duffin, Gloria Kaye, and Dub Taylor)
4:30 Another World
5:30 Flintstones
6:00 NBC Evening News
6:15 (Western Nfld tx) West Coast News
6:30 Superman
7:27 Pair Up with Robin Hood
7:30 Good Times
8:00 Waltons
9:00 Headline Hunters
9:30 Delvecchio
10:30 Pig 'n Whistle
11:00 One Day at a Time
11:30 CTV/NBC News
mid. Phil Silvers
12:30 CTV National News
12:50 Late Show "The Truth"
2:30 Alan Hamel
3:30 Music Till Dawn

9:30 CBC Regional News
9:35 Dick Van Dyke
10:00 Mon Ami
10:15 Friendly Giant
10:30 Polka Dot Door
11:00 Mr. Dressup
11:30 Sesame Street
12:30 Bob McLean
1:00 Broph's Half Hour
1:30 Bob McLean
2:00 Coffee Break
2:30 All in the Family
3:00 Edge of Night
3:30 Take 30
4:00 Celebrity Cooks
4:30 It's Your Choice
5:00 Coming Up Rosie (Dan Aykroyd and John Candy were among the show's cast)
5:30 Mr. Dressup
6:00 Room 222
6:30 Here & Now
7:30 Reach for the Top (Mobile Central High, Mobile v Holy Trinity Central High, Herman's Cove; longtime CBC sportscaster Bob Cole was host)
8:00 Laverne & Shirley
8:30 Rhoda
9:00 Phyllis
9:30 Front Page Challenge
10:00 All in the Family
10:30 CBC Newsmagazine
11:00 Man Alive
11:30 The National
11:52 CBC Regional News/Weather/Sports
12:05 90 Minutes Live (starting a week from St. John's)
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