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Default Now that it's online again, what are your thoughts?

Taken from VHS so quality-wise these all over the place. Not sure if these are identical to the bootleg DVD as I've never gotten a hold of one. Several months ago a user called Archibald von Unknowski appeared and uploaded tons of rare TV. A lot of it I'd never even heard of but I could tell members of this board would've freaked. The channel was quickly shut down but luckily I managed to grab all of JTTOU! I'm re-upping them and on a channel that will likely have no other content so should remain active with no copyright problems (I don't think JTTOU gets actively removed anymore).

I haven't seen these since the mid or late 90s and overall I was surprised to find it held up pretty well for me. I kind of expected it to come off too cheesy to bear but, the embarrassingly schmaltzy "Voice of God" notwithstanding, that wasn't the case at all. I haven't rewatched the latter half of them yet but I'm interested to hear what you think of the show now, particularly if there is anybody else who is viewing them for the first time since it was last shown on cable.

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