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Originally Posted by economistman192
Thanks so much for this thread!!! - so frustrating. I thought I was going crazy - it just doesn't seem fair to lose classics like Bonnie Wilder. But I guess if the statute of limitations has run out, it doesn't make much sense for someone at Bonnie's new job to run and call Unsolved Mysteries and say, we've found her.

But why can't they show the episode and then have an update that says, "time has run out for this case...."?

I suppose with the murder cases that will never be a problem. But I'm so grateful to know about this because I never remembered this many "lost loves" cases - sometimes they get on my nerves. The show airs and someone finds out they have four hundred brothers and sisters. I'd rather see Bonnie. Oh well, hopefully someone who has it will post it on You Tube.

I am wondering, how do they get around this on the DVD's? - or maybe it is the same problem. I don't know.

All I know is, I joined Amazon Prime to see Bonnie Wilder and I wish they had made it clear that these weren't full episodes....

(Actually someone posted a clip from the episode on You Tube, just a few seconds...I'm starting to think that maybe they took that episode down because what the boss says about Bonnie is really f**** up and probably would make people very angry in 2017)
I hear ya.

I just wish it wasn't so arbitrary. I understood the rationale for omitting the solved parental abduction cases given they're all adults now or died while missing, but yet as I'm making my way through Season 5 I'm now watching the Jonathan Ortiz case. Huh? Mom's been caught, son was long-ago reunited and things ultimately ended horribly in adulthood. (I'm grateful just for the wonderfully bad acting though)

I don't understand omitting some of these even if the statute has expired, like the Boston Rapist. Sure, those victims cases can't be heard but these guys don't just stop, he could have escalated to murder or still committing rapes that could still be prosecuted. It's still in the public interest to figure out who he was.
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