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Originally Posted by NCRavensFan86
Most of the cases on that episode were Child Abduction cases where the guilty party was a family member and all of those cases were solved soon after that episode aired. I do not think Filmrise has released any of those types of cases to streaming video due to the families request.

The only footage from that 90 minute special that made it to streaming was the phone reunion of Becky Terry and her friend Judy. This was in a separate Update segment from the original case. It's on Episode 23 in Season 5.
Yeah kinda sad they chopped up the Halloween special, that 90 minute Thanksgiving special,the 3rd Anniversary special to where there's only a few segments n tidbits from those specials. If your a UM fanatic like me it just leaves a whole in it all. Also although Stack has long ago passed, it would of been nice to of had an intro commentary from him so that future generations Would get a sense of how much Stack made UM what it is
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