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I found this today;

In 1989, Russell Evans was killed, by ex- Ferris high school students; one of them told me he did it and he graduated from Ferris in 1988. This is how I was told, for what happened, which killed Russell Evans: A four door car, full with four 18-20 year old young adults, sitting in the back seats of that car was a Darrel (not Darnel) and the killer Thomas J. GROH (TJ). Thomas J. GROH (TJ) told me they were driving down the hill and they saw a tall kid walking on the side of the road, and Thomas J. GROH said they just wanted to scare the kid; the car pulled up next to Russell Evans, like the "Dukes of Hazard", and grabbed a hold of Russell Evans and took off down the hill, holding Russell Evans along the side of the car. When the car took off, down the hill, holding onto Russell Evans, Russell's long legs, went back and under the rear wheel of the car, while Russell Evans was being held by THOMAS J. GROH (TJ)- through the back door window of the car, and Russell Evans feet were ran over by the rear wheel. That is how Russell Evans shoe was found at the top of the hill, and how the shoe had come off from Russell Evans. At the bottom of the hill, Thomas J. GROH (TJ) let Russell Evans go, and that is were Russell Evans had died. Remember that Russell Evans was a tall 12 year, that maybe was thought to be older, because of his height. Thomas J. GROH, a year after Russell Evans murder, had gone to Washington's Walla Walla state prison, for around 7 years for an assault charge. TJ Groh, is the murderer, who told me he was involved, with what is said above; You can even ask TJ Grohs girlfriend, Holly, I'm sure he told her. Also, if anyone would like to debate me on what I was told, then why don't you first do forensics on the two shoes, found on the hill, for tire rubber. Or do those shoes exist today, in Spokanes unsolved murder evidence department. Or could it be a cover up, because you don't see the reward poster, that was in on the wall, inside Spokane south hills Round Table Pizza, on Regal Street. Thomas J. GROH (TJ) showed me that framed reward poster, at that pizza place, after he said what happened to Russell Evans.
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