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This may not exactly fit the criteria of "getting a spanking" but I think there was an episode of F-Troop in which a young boy wanted to join the military and Agarn and O'Rourke told the boy's mother that they would use reverse psychology and take the boy into the military so he can see how miserable it is. But the boy did not want to go back to his mother and there was a scene in which the boy's mother was was arguing with O"Rourke and Agarn that she wants the boy back and either Agarn or O"Rourke says "Lets sit down and talk it over" and the boy's mother says that her son won't be sitting down for a long time if he does not come back home to her.
In another episode of F Troop (It might have been called "Johnny Eagle Eye") Chief Wild Eagle's bratty teen nephew visits and Agarn and O'Rourke are talking with Chief WIld Eagle who says something to the effect that his teen nephew is badly behaved and that he is going to give him "Slap on buckskin."
Anyone recall these episodes?

Also, it was not a sitcom, but there was a short-lived TV show called "Anna and The King" which was a TV series based on "The King and I" and Eric Shea was the actor who played Anna's young son, "Louis," and there was one episode in which Louis befriended some person who was really some kind of specter who kept appearing somewhere in the palace where he and his mom were staying and the specter was not some creepy looking person but a rather mystical looking old man who seemed to be the ghost of an ancient craft-maker and he gave Louis some pretty ornament and the plot was such that the mysterious man kept appearing and giving Louis these ornaments that he crafted himself ,and it got to where Louis' mother was worried that the mysterious man would take Louis to a different dimension or to the spirit world if Louis kept talking with the mysterious man, so Anna told Louis to stay in this room and not talk with the specter any more but one night Louis hears the chiming of the ornaments that the craftsman is making and he goes over to talk with the mysterious man and the man shows Louis another ornament and Louis says that it is the prettiest ornament of all , and it gets to where Louis is almost taken by the specter to his world (and throughout this episode, there is nothing really that scary or occult like, it is very much as if the ghost of the craftsman is just lonely for some company ) but somehow Anna, and I think the King, talk the specter to going back to his spirit world and be happy there (I cannot recall the details that well , only the generalities) and there is a happy ending in that the specter no longer feels that he has to take Louis with him and the specter leaves for good and wont try to convince Louis to come with him and Anna is a bit angry with Louis for disobeying her and says "I ought to spank you, but I am too happy to do it."

I know that it was said in this discussion that the topic is characters who got spanked not merely threatened, and I am therefore going against the "rules" but I think that overall, there have been scenes in TV shows in which characters get threatened but it is not carried out or not carried out in any scene.

In "Flipper" (of course not a sitcom, but there were some plots that were funny) Bud and his older brother Sandy were threatened with spankings by their dad in different episodes , but it was never carried out on camera.
At the ending scene of one episode, both Sandy and Bud were riding on their bikes on their paper route and talking about how angry their father was at them because they had gotten into mischief and as they ride away from the camera they are sitting on pillows that are on their bike seats.

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