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Originally Posted by Jude The Obscure
had been Lucy's husband in this series, instead of her brother-in-law? I mean he basically fulfilled the male figure role in both her life and in the kids' lives. It would have been one way to distinguish this series from The Lucy Show. Casual TV viewers simply think they are once again playing Lucy the secretary and Mr. Mooney the boss anyway. Were they opposed to seeing Lucy and Gale in what would have been somewhat of a romantic setting? It would have been a change in the plotlines for sure

I posted something similar to this on another thread! I liked how they had Uncle Harry as her brother in law and boss, but I was thinking at the end of the series for them to finally get together and get married. All his yelling at her was just because he secretly loved her and thought he couldn't have her.

I liked them together working in the office, but I guess they could have had them married all along, they could have been husband and wife working together. But I still like the idea of them getting together at the end! A good way to close the series!
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