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Default Bert's Favorite Number

Those of you who have read my last thread on this page know that it was my fourth post on this site this evening. I gave it the title that I did in reference to a routine on "Sesame Street" called "The Four Show". In between then and now, I have visited the other pages where I posted messages (Gimme a Break!, Happy Days and Mad About".) All of the above have views but no replies. When I was on "Mad About You", I posted yet another thread and called it "Flavor of the Month". You would have to read the thread itself to understand the meaning of the title. Now here I am with post number six! I would now like to commemorate this event by mentioning another "Sesame Street" routine. In the late seventies, there was a skit in which Bert was telling Ernie about how his favorite number was six. For those who are interested, this skit is up on Youtube. Writing about this is just one more refusal to give up hope about stimulating some conversation about some of these fine series!
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