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Originally Posted by Steve_uk
But there's no reason for the camper to lie in what she saw that afternoon. Amy was last seen at 2:30pm in Lander coming out of a camera shop. As far as I know there's no independent corroboration of what happened then,nor of Steve ever being in Dubois 74 miles away. For all we know he could have arranged to meet her at the mountain at 4:30pm to check the route for her forthcoming run and taken her to some isolated spot,killed her and pushed the body down some mineshaft or crevice,then concealed the entrance with rocks. Steve's movements again are unaccounted for until 8:30pm when he alerts neighbours,and the call to Police is expressed in matter-of-fact tones,with no real concern for what might have befallen his wife at any stage.
I didn't say that the camper lied. I'm sure she saw a 4x4, the point I was making was that they are not uncommon. It's not like she saw a DeLorean and that's what Steve drove.

I don't know. Steve just didn't set off my hinkymeter. I'm inclined to think Eaton was to blame.
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