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Originally Posted by Steve_uk
I think it's possible that Amy was abducted,though I doubt it was in the way you describe. It's just too coincidental to have two blue vehicles spotted at that time driven by a male with a blonde in the passenger seat. There is a possibility as discussed in some of the earlier threads that she had been abducted by Dale Eaton,and this would explain why no body was found in the near vicinity,as well as some might say conveniently averting suspicion from the husband. However after reading what was available through internet sources I still believe Steve to be a strong suspect. It appears he cannot account for all his time spent that day,he is an expert in rocks and may have been able to hide the body in some crevice,and appeared nonchalant about the death. I call it a death because to pretend otherwise after all this time I think is just plain naive.

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