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Originally Posted by RobinW
One interesting thing I noticed about this segment is how Steve Bechtel refers to Sheriff David King as "Dave" during his interviews. Unlike many other UM cases, the suspect and the lead investigator probably knew each other personally before the disappearance took place, which would make sense, given that Lander, Wyoming is a fairly small town.

While I don't think Steve had anything to do with it, I wonder if he and the Sheriff might have a personal history together which could skew the Sheriff's opinion about him.
I'm afraid in my opinion that's just one more device in Steve's armoury of disarming people and making out that he's a nice guy. Of course I have to say allegedly here,but Steve has all the paraphernalia in his vehicle to kill his wife,caves,mines and culverts are features of the landscape where a body could be hidden,it's convenient for him that no body is found as the exact cause of death cannot be established,he has no alibi as far as I can ascertain for the time in question and was seen with his wife in the blue 4x4 vehicle by some campers around 4:30pm which puts him at the scene of the crime.

As for Sheriff Dave King,he was convicted of stealing cocaine and resigned from his post in 1998.
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