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Other than the writings and the one bruise, is there other "evidence" that Steve hurt Amy? I don't find either of those things to be remotely conclusive. I don't think he did it. I didn't even find him self-centered or arrogant. I found him to have the same self-assured attitude a lot of pro athletes have. It's part of the personality that drives them to excel.

I honestly think if the portrayal of the bruise incident is as it happened, the bruise was not a result of abuse. All she had to do was wear a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve shirt, that bruise is VERY easy to hide. I think her brother and sister-in-law looked back in hindsight looking for anything that could convince them that the police were right and that Steve did it. If they honestly thought at the time he had abused her, why didn't they ask follow up questions? Especially when she opened the door with her comment about Steve getting rough.
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