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Originally Posted by dynoguy88
When Sandy Ferris found him, Russell was screaming for Brian to help him. So whether or not the two guys were together when Russell got attacked, he knew Brian was there or at least within shouting distance.
See though dyno, we don't know if Brian was in shouting distance when Sandy Farris arrived or not. He could have merely returned to the scene at some point after she arrived from wherever he ran off to. It would be interesting to know if he remained at the scene throughout the alleged assault or what was going on.

The only thing we can safely assume (unless Russell was just flat out delirious) was that he and Brian were together at some point prior to the attack. Anything beyond that is just pure speculation as to there whereabouts of Brian and mostly surround the questions I asked, most of which have no answers:

Did he take to the hills during the alleged attack, where Sandy Farris later spotted him once medical personnel arrived at the scene?

Did he leave the scene at any point in an effort to summon help for Russell and if not, why didn't he do this?

Why once it had been established that any immediate threat to his well being had dissipated did he not return to his friend's side despite Russell screaming for him to help him?
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