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Originally posted by Babalu
LOL! I can just hear 'em now!
I can imagine that in the "They Call it Potsie Love" episode. Joanie falling slowly in love with him...sigh. Anyway, I have another song in my head that is most definitely not a Christmas song. It was the song that Jack the Ripper's supposed last victim sang right before she died.

Kinda eerie considering I'm at home alone....

Scenes of my childhood arise before my gaze,
Bringing recollections of bygone happy days.
When down in the meadow in childhood I would roam,
No one's left to cheer me now within that good old home,
Father and Mother, they have pass'd away;
Sister and brother, now lay beneath the clay,
But while life does remain to cheer me, I'll retain
This small violet I pluck'd from mother's grave.

Only a violet I pluck'd when but a boy,
And oft'time when I'm sad at heart this flow'r has giv'n me joy;
So while life does remain in memoriam I'll retain,
This small violet I pluck'd from mother's grave.

Well I remember my dear old mother's smile,
As she used to gree me when I returned from toil,
Always knitting in the old arm chair,
Father used to sit and read for all us children there,
But now all is silent around the good old home;
They all have left me in sorrow here to roam,
But while life does remain, in memoriam I'll retain
This small violet I pluck'd from mother's grave.
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