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Come on people, Curt Borton is dead. He was KIA most likely. The two pictures shown in the segment look like Asian men and look nothing like Curt at all. He was a PFC, why would the government waste time and money even having a "secret returnee" program (presumebaly to hide their embarassment about not bringing everyone home), only to continue to hide these people that were freed and returned to the U.S.?! Doesn't make any sense. It wasn't like Curt was a Colonel, he was a PFC. As someone else pointed out, the Vietnam war has been over for decades now, why hasn't Curt reached out to his family since the UM broadcast? And I find it very hard to believe that if the government is telling you your brother died in Vietnam, yet you see him in the flesh 15+ years later in a public park, you do not attempt to approach him in any way, shape, or form. In her interview the sister says it was because he was described as "dangerous", but I think she may have had a fear that she'd be embarassed (or be forced to accept Curt's death) by running up and hugging a man who is not related to her at all.

I think this is just a case of a family not accepting the harsh reality and continuing to hold on to every single shred of hope they can that their loved one is still alive.
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