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Originally posted by CollegeGirl
*Takes out a picture of Fonzie and sits down at an empty booth. Remembers all the good times she spent with Fonzie. How he rode up to her on his bike the very first time they met, and threatened to run over her if she didn't move out of his way. How she snuck into his apartment after their first date and stole his leather jacket just so he'd have to come looking for her and spend quality time with her. How she'd call him in the middle of the night, but chicken out after hearing his sleepy voice say hello so quickly hang up the reiver. How he at first had a court order on her forcing her to stay away from him. And later, how she brainwashed him into falling in love with her. It was just like a faery tale. CG was Cinderella and Fonzie was Prince Charming who would ride up on his horse (motorcycle) and take her away to his castle (apartment).*

CG-- Oh Fonzie. Where are you Fonzie?

*A tear falls down her cheek and onto his picture*

That's SO sad..
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