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And just to be clear, I have no problem believing the following:

1. Borton could have been captured by the VC on his initial mission (he could have also been killed, but the recon mission to find him and his platoon should have found the bodies in such a case)

2. Borton was held in a VC camp during the war and was not released pursuant to the Paris Peace Accords.

3. Borton remained alive into the 1980s (given conditions at VC prisoner camps, I can't see anyone there surviving more then 10-15 years; and at some point prior to normalization, you'd imagine they would have just been killed, if they had).

What I can't believe, based on the evidence presented, is that Borton, or anyone else similarly situated, was a "secret returnee" There were three pieces of evidence presented:

1. His father claims he was pressured by the Gov't into signing a document stating Curt was dead.
2. His sister claims she saw him in the Washington D.C. area
3. His cousin claims his social security number was "invalid"

To each:

1. The father can't read, so he didn't know what he signed. He doesn't know where the "agents" were actually from, but they did not act like official gov't representatives. Curt WAS NOT declared dead and is on the official "Last known to be alive" list, released by the gov't in 1991.

2. The sister never spoke with or approached her "brother" A license plate she copied down traced to someone else, who was not Curt and had no connection to him.

3. The social security number (492-48-6171) appears in every public database, issued to Curt, with his information. You can actually order the original SS-5 form for him at this site:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. That burden just isn't met here, IMO.
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