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Originally Posted by bluejazz87
LOL the government could just lie about the DNA samples. I don't know, it seems like you're assuming the family is lying from the get go and for some reason already branding them as attention seekers. Sure they could be, but at the same time I don't think there is enough there to automatically discount the family...just because the government says "this and that". (because the government never lies about anything right?) Everything the family went through could have been coincidental sure, but you should at least consider the possibility that they are telling the truth. For everything that may support the side of the military's accounts, there is just as much unusual circumstances against the military's word reported by the family. It's almost a case of "he said/she said"...which is why I can't discount either side.
I didn't set out with the notion that the family is lying (and as I said before, mistake explains some of the "incidents"), but when everything they say doesn't make sense and is inconsistent with verifiable information, it becomes much more then "he said/she said"

If you want to believe that the Gov't is engaging in a huge conspiracy that secretly freed an ordinary grunt from the VC and snuck him back into the country, for reasons and motives unknown, and that same conspiracy is hiding him from his family (but giving him freedom of movement), again, for reasons and motives unknown, hey, that's your right.
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