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Originally Posted by egswanso
If any of that even happened, of course.

Curt Borton was a pretty regular looking guy; nothing particularly unique about him; I see a couple people who look like him almost daily. IMO, neither of the pictures shown in the segment look much like him.

The father can't read, so he doesn't know what he signed and the whole story just doesn't make sense. Why would DOD personnel stalk someone to make them sign something? The Gov't doesn't need the family's permission to declare a soldier dead, they just can. Curt is still on the MIA lists as well and the official (gov't issued!) last known to be alive list, so again, the family's story just isn't consistent with reality.

The "sightings" also occurred 15-20 years after the sister last saw him, he'd look a little different, especially after some time in a VC camp. I don't quite know how children who never met someone would "recognize" him. Of all the supposed "incidents," I believe the sister truly does BELIEVE she saw her brother, I just find it highly unlikely she did.

I can't say they are lying, but why would they - the same reason psychics lie, people telling ghost stories lie, and countless others lied on Unsolved Mysteries - publicity and money. At best, maybe they thought the publicity of the "incidents" would get the gov't to look into the matter. To be honest, my belief that they are being disingenuous is much higher since they apparently won't cooperate in giving a DNA sample to match to the bones identified as Curt's. Want an answer? There it is.
LOL the government could just lie about the DNA samples. I don't know, it seems like you're assuming the family is lying from the get go and for some reason already branding them as attention seekers. Sure they could be, but at the same time I don't think there is enough there to automatically discount the family...just because the government says "this and that". (because the government never lies about anything right?) Everything the family went through could have been coincidental sure, but you should at least consider the possibility that they are telling the truth. For everything that may support the side of the military's accounts, there is just as much unusual circumstances against the military's word reported by the family. It's almost a case of "he said/she said"...which is why I can't discount either side.

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