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Originally Posted by egswanso
I dismiss the whole thing because it's absurd and illogical.

What is the purpose of the "secret returnee" program? The family claims it's because the government doesn't want to admit POWs might have been left behind. It is odd, then, that:

1. The Government told the family that there were sighting of Curt after the
Paris Peace Accords.

2. Curt's name (with thousands of others) is on the 1991 "Last Known Alive"

The sister's sightings are as credible as any other eyewitness sightings, i.e., not very. Did she see someone who might have resembled her brother? Sure. Was it him, very unlikely.
What was illogical was what happened to the family in terms of being followed, phone called and forced to sign certain papers. As for the sightings, I think the sister would recognize her own brother. She could have just been seeing things, but it happened in three different locations apparently...and I guess her children even recognized their uncle.

I would probably dismiss the entire thing too if it wasn't for all of the strange incidents that happened to the family. Sure they could be lying about everything, but I don't see what the motive would be. Wouldn't get them any closer.
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