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Originally Posted by UMfan77
What also struck me as odd is why did he leave is expensive Rolex watch on the ground? I think the watch was found next to a pyramid of rocks. Very, very strange.
All the hallmarks of a satanic cult.

Originally Posted by ms_bates
One theory that immediately popped into my head was the possibility that David was under the influence of some kind of drug(s) and that this led to his odd and disoriented behavior. Now, I'm not trying to paint all New Age followers as LSD-dropping hippies, but I do wonder if he hadn't taken some kind of hallucinogenic to aid him in his "vision quest". Peyote, perhaps?

I've never experimented with hallucinogens, but I've certainly heard stories of people experiencing "bad trips" while using them. Perhaps that is what happened to David, and he didn't even really know what he was doing when he wandered off into the desert.
I think he was on a quest to find Jim Morrison. Break on through the the other side, if you will.
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