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Originally Posted by TracyLynnS
Jehovah's Witnesses don't permit blood transfusions. I'm not sure about their beliefs on surgery and organ transplants.

IMO, it's just a coincidence that it was a Jehovah's Witness convention that was going on in OK when Paul Branch told Sue Billig that Amy was being held in that state by fellow bikers.

The bikers were travelling all over the country for their "conventions" too. There was a big gathering of a bunch of different biker gangs in OK at the same time of the church convention. I think it had something to do with the 1976 bicentennial fourth of july.

IMO, Paul Branch wanted to go to this gathering but his bike wasn't running well. IIRC, Sue Billig paid for his bike to be fixed. He was going to drive up to OK to get Amy from the biker acquaintance who had her, Dishrag Harry, then call Sue to come pick her up. Sue flew to OK to wait for him. He ended up going to visit his sick granny, then got put in jail for 5 days. When he finally showed up in OK one night, he didn't have a place to stay, and that's how he ended up in the honeymoon suite at Sue's hotel with her footing the bill.

But that's pretty much all the book has to say about conventions. Hippies were gathering informally for the festivals and love ins around the state and country. Bikers were driving all over the state and country for their regular gatherings. The only time a religious convention was mentioned was the 1976 Jehovah's Witness thing in OK.
i had looked them up and found they were recruiting ppl into the church and holding mini meetings in that time frame. It makes me wonder about my theory...
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