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Originally Posted by mozartpc27
I have to confess this case has never interested me all that much, in that it seemed perfectly obvious what happened here: the kid went to a party where he had too much to drink, and the people at the party panicked because they could obviously be charged with his death. Why else the lady who threw the party - Susan - deny all knowledge of said party when asked the first time? In the end, they had to dump him.

Not really all that mysterious. I'm a little surprised that the police weren't able to put enough pressure on Susan to make her give up more information.
This is my opinion as well. Especially with the revelations in some of the articles posted herein. Kurt was hardly the choirboy presented in the segment. If Kurt had been drinking Everclear (which I remember from college) all day, he would have been totally wasted. Add in the other alcohol and drugs he likely did at the party and it's no surprise if he just passed out and choked on his own vomit.

I don't see murder here and the other crimes are SOL blown. If this scenario is correct, though, it would be nice for a partygoer to come forward and just give closure to the family.
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