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That was well(written)-said, mozartpc (both posts).

I agree that no one will ever be charged with his death or contributing to his death, but I would still like to hear, read, or see that someone that lived at that duplex (Clayton Sams, Debbie Sams, "Susan", or whoever else) or someone that was at the party with Kurt (Samuel Carroll or whoever else) ADMIT publicly/or to authorities that they know what really happened to him at the party. That would bring some closure for me at least, and I'm sure a lot of others as well (including his surviving family and friends). Technically, that would be an "Update" to the case if one of those people would come forward and tell the truth about Kurt that night/early morning and the five days that followed before he was found.

Assuming he drank a decent amount of that Everclear before he passed out and/or died, he obviously partly brought his demise on himself BUT all of the people at the party who were questioned once (and probably ONLY once) by authorities definitely know WHO ELSE is partly responsible for his death, too, because, as we agree on, "Susan" wouldn't have lied about having the party and Samuel Carroll wouldn't have lied about Kurt leaning on the fence outside and wandering off if there wasn't SOMEONE ELSE who contributed to his death (giving him something to drink, smoke, sniff, shoot up, whatever the case was).

If none of these people ever tell the truth, the one other option for potentially solving the case would be to exhume his body and have another autopsy done, where tests are done for a wide variety or narcotics instead of just three.

I just want some closure to this case!
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