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Yeah I agree with everyone who's on board with the drug scenario. It makes the most sense. Although why hasn't someone from the party came forward after all of these years (not even one innocent bystander who happened to see Kurt at the party) to say what really happened to Kurt, or even offer some more information on the case? I really think Kurt's friend who saw him get into a van was mistaken...I think Kurt was in the basement for the 3 days he was missing (probably unconscious). I think he had a weird reaction/overdose on some drugs he was doing, some partygoers panicked, then decided to put him in the basement until they figures something out to do. Why wouldn't they just take him to the hospital? Obviously for fear of getting in trouble for drugs, and there was most likely some selling going on and distribution to a minor is a pretty heavy offense. This "Susan" lady was in on everythig as far as I'm concerned. She knew what happened to him, why else would she lie Kurt's mother if all she did was throw a party that Kurt attended? Also, I think she phoned Kurt's parents at 3:30 was because her conscious was getting the better of her and she knew something was seriously wrong with him after 3 days of being down there, so in a last ditch attempt to redeem/clear herself she called and said she thought it was Kurt who was down there. Obviously that was a lie as well (she had to know who was in her basement), and someone overheard that phone call and freaked out, went down to move Kurt but he was most likely already dead (He also may very well have been dead before Susan called his parents, and after whoever moved his body found out she called his folks, then they decided to dump the body). Then in a frenzy someone/they moved his body to the nearby ravine. The story about the friend who left him on a fence? Lie. Why wouldn't the friend have come forward sooner and notified Kurt's parents that he didn't know what happened to Kurt? That was just a quick lie to make it look like Kurt had wandered off and died from being too intoxicated/stoned. And in all honesty as much of a stretch as it sounds, I think it's just a coincidence about Eugene's shoe being missing as well as Kurt's. Whoever moved Kurt got rid of his shoe, and if there were more ties between the two boys, I'm sure UM would have aired it on their segment.

All in all this was a strange case, and I'd love to hear what happened to this "Susan" and if Kurt's parents are still alive and if their still pushing for the case to be solved.
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