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Originally Posted by Steve W.
Tonight makes it 29 years now since Kurt went to the party at the duplex. I still can't believe that this has never been solved, or at least updated.

I honestly don't think anyone has ever interviewed any of the people that lived at the duplex or that were at the party with Kurt. If they're still alive and there was a way to question them, I would think that would make a big difference in this case.
The investigation was bungled right from the start from the police to the pathologist and right down the line. Just really bad work by the authorities which may have ultimately put an end to any chance that this case will ever be solved. The theory that seems most likely though is some type of drug overdose at the party and the teenagers he was with panicking and not knowing what to do in that situation. In the end I'm sure they just dumped his body out in that ravine because as Dorothy Sova put it "they didn't want to be seen with him".

I have no idea what was going on with all the sightings of Kurt after he allegedly vanished but I'm not all together certain that they are accurate either. I think while it's possible that Kurt didn't die on the night of the party that he might have been violently ill and instead of calling in the paramedics the teenagers at the party may have tried to nurse him back to health on their own over the course of several days in the basement of the duplex. Kurt may have ultimately died at some point in that basement but without a proper pathology report being done it probably would have been hard to determine an exact time of death.
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