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The only thing I recalled from Susan Walsh's case was the vampire subculture angle. Was this on the Lifetime airings back in the early 2000s? Did they push that part of the situation in the segment? I wonder why that's all I remember about her...

When I watched the lifetime segments, I was working full time at home and just tried to fit UM in when I could. I didn't usually pay attention to the whole show or even the details of a whole segment.

This lady had so much strange and negative stuff going on in her life, her disappearance could be anything from a random abduction to a russian mafia hit. Since she hasn't been found, I don't really think she succeeded in another suicide attempt, although it's possible, of course.

If the "vampires" were involved, I don't think it was a conspiracy to silence her because she was going to out them in an article. Coulda just been one vampire type who happened to be a killer. And if we've learned anything from true crime, it's that murderers range anywhere from little old grannies and church officials, to stereotypical tattooed, leather wearing, paroled felon, biker gang members.

(And I gotta throw this out there... the only "vampires" I've ever met are at hot topic. They stand behind the counter with their baby powdered faces and black dyed hair and sell me all my cool Invader Zim hoodies and GIR slippers. lol)
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