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This is an intriguing case because of the clues, but I think it's pretty clear that he didn't meet with foul play and died out in the desert by himself. The clues he left behind indicate to me (just a guess) that he was on a "spiritual journey" and shedding his past and his reliance on material things. The numbers in the dirt seemed like he was trying to "free himself" of two numbers he used to think were so important (his football jersey number and the wall street sequence), effectively leaving them behind on his quest. He also "shed" his Rolex on the same path.

"The WORD is in the safe" strikes me as a reference to money being "holy", and the "you take your chances" bit as David's way of saying he's finally gonna go on his journey, no matter the consequences. I have no idea what the knives thing is about. Maybe it's some sort of in joke.
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