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Originally Posted by Marvo301
I remember Maniac Mansion. It starred SCTV alumnus Joe Flaherty as Fred Edison a crazy inventor who had accidently turned his 4 year-old son Turner (George Buza) into a full grown man and his brother-in-law Harry (John Hemphill) into a fly! He was unable to reverse either process so this family had to live together the way they were.
I was really young when this show originally aired; also my family didn't have cable at the time.

I remember one night I was at my friend's house, who happened to be one of the first people on our block to get cable, and I was told that Maniac Mansion was coming on tv. I was obsessed with the Nintendo game as a kid so I thought I was going to see the game on tv.

I was disappointed when I didn't see what I was expecting and never bothered with it again; but then again I was six. I would like the chance to watch it now to see what it was all about.

Maniac Mansion was revolutionary in the world of gaming since it was one of the first to use different characters and have multiple endings and different cutscenes depending on the result of your actions; it paved the way for the survival horror genre.
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