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Cool I have found that...

Look Ill be honest here... I am a fairly newbie trader... less than a year here.... BUT i have found that most people will be ok if u r honest with them... Ill do what most wont here... and ill ADMIT that i have screwed up in the past..... got way behind due to equipment going down, and i did what EVERY NEWBIE does--- I made up BS excuses and tried to stall--- which only ended up getting people ticked off at me...... and it took awhile to get back on good terms with people.....

so this is my advice for newbies---and all traders-- on trading times--- BE HONEST!!!
if you cant get it done for a month, TELL THEM UP FRONT. dont say a week, if you know itll be a month

and dont get in over your head.... i limit myself not, and if i cant handle it all in a reasonable time frame, then i turn down trades or sales and just
be honest, and say , I CANT DO IT RIGHT NOW,

its better to be upfront, people understand if you are honest, but if you try to stall and BS them, people get mad---
i know a lot of traders who have done the same thing, even some of the GOOD traders on the board--- but we all need to just be straight about it
and YES
stuff happens, people get sick, machines break, master copies have issues, and so on--- so if it happens, let people know, dont wait til they come hounding you about their stuff

and be honest enough to admit it, we all make mistakes, but when u do it takes time to get your rep back!
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